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Who is buying your rights and freedoms.​


The globalized world is shrinking rapidly.  Monolythic monoculture makes everyone and everything manageable from the perspective of the corporate boardroom.

Even the organic food supply is almost 100% controlled by 10-12 major corporations and the endless round of mergers and acquisitions are steadily reducing this number. 


Our seed supply is likewise controlled by a select few who manipulate markets, supply and legislation through an invisible  web of corporate facades for the sole benefit of their shareholders.  Until recently, Monsanto was owned by Bayer.



Thousands of years of public domain breeding is the legacy of our ancestors.


​Hundreds of generations of our ancesters spent their lives safeguarding our future by breeding the food, forage and medicine crops we rely on today.  These assets belong to each and every one of us, it is imperative that we safeguard this right for the generations yet to come. 


Civilizations are born, they thrive for a time and they die.  No civilization has survived the march of time.


For the last 25 years, we have participated in the decline of world financial domination by the Western World.  China is now the world financial powerhouse and they do not share the values and philosophies of our civilization.  They are growing and rapidly acquiring the assets of the western world.



Exercise your right !                                                                                 Grow your own !

These amateur seed savers were responsible for breeding and developing of the worlds food supply as we know it today.


Corporate interests want absolute control of these human assets.  First by hybridization, and now by copyrights, patents and genetic engineering, corporations are trying to prevent humanity from saving seed to ensure their profits.

Think Globally              

Seed collecting is a pivotal human activity.


Man has collected seed for tens of thousands of years.  The activity was responsible for the development of agriculture and evolution of humankind from hunter gatherer to agrarian lifestyles, leading to the industrial revolution and ultimately our modern way of life.



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